H+ Episode 2

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In episode 2 of the H+ Podcast, Paul, Paul, and Colin touch on the effects of technology, how it might impact ancient behavioral patterns, and how this is played off on social media. They then cap it off with a discussion on social engineering, and whether or not social media should be regulated. The H+ Podcast is published under the Human Paradox brand of Project Phaethon. The purpose of Human Paradox is to stimulate discussion about the greatest human problem of progress, and evaluate the impact of technology displacing human function. Does the dignity of human life stem from physiological function? How will human life be valued if there’s no longer progress to be made, or purpose to fulfill? Understanding these questions will hopefully lead to further understanding about human nature and purpose. Please visit us at https://humanparadox.org for more content, and follow us on twitter @OurHumanParadox

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